Vampires, Black Friday, and Kids in Need

Vampire Banquet logoThis Black Fiday, November 25th 2011, the vampire community will join to raise donations for underprivledged kids this holiday season. SBTV (Savage Blade Productions Internet TV Channel) and Vampire Banquet will be buying toys and donating them to the New York City area Toys for Tots program.

On Black Friday, SBTV and Vampire Banquet will be posting links on their Facebook pages to 5 videos. Those who want to help them with this effort are asked to visit those pages, click on the links provided, and vote for their favorite video. People then are asked to leave a comment on the video they like best and $1 will be donated in the viewer’s Facebook name to the annual toy drive. In addition, SBTV will be matching those funds so that each “vote” will provide $2 towards toys for the kids.

On Saturday, November 26th, SBTV will head to the toy stores to spend the funds and film their purchases. Viewers Facebook names will also be added to the cards that will be attached to all of the toys.

If you’d like to help with this toy drive, please LIKE the following pages and look for the links to the videos which will be posted there on Black Friday:


Vampire Banquet:


~ by Roze on November 12, 2011.

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